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What I have learned from 16 years of teaching young dancers with exceptionalities….
As a mother of three myself, I know the challenges of finding the right fit for your child in their passions, social environments, and activities. Each one has their own unique perception, expectations, and needs.

For parents of children with exceptionalities, it can prove to be even more complicated. Sometimes just introducing your child to a new environment can be unpredictable. With over 20 years of experience in working with young dancers with unique capabilities, I have learned to be a safe haven for both the dancers and their families. I know that facilitating trust, demonstrating patience, and adapting to their needs will make exploring movement with music a positive and rewarding experience.

I continue to learn something new each week as they show me how their love and infectious joy can lift the atmosphere in the room. I love watching their beautiful celebrations after each small win and witnessing their care and encouragement for each other.

Having the privilege to teach these dancers has taught me how to shape my presentation of the class uniquely for each individual in order to spark their creativity and self-confidence and cultivate positive social interaction with their peers.

Our Adaptive classes at Danceology aim to provide an inclusive and empowering experience where these special dancers can discover their potential and achieve their goals through the joy of dance. If you would like a more personal introduction prior to trying our classes, please reach out to me through email and I will be happy to arrange a private meeting and/or lesson. I can’t wait to meet you, your beautiful dancer, and have the opportunity to nurture their love of movement and music. Dance will be a gift to your dancer and your dancer will be a gift to me.

With love,
Ms. Julia

Creating artists. Building confidence.
Making friends.

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