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Offering classes 48 weeks out of the year for all ages & levels.

Create a strong dance foundation by learning the fundamentals in a fun and friendly environment without the commitment of a competitive program. Dancers can learn a variety of styles from a compassionate faculty who will foster a passion for the arts.

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If your little one is walking, they are ready for Toddler Musical Movement! A 45-minute safe introduction to dance and creative expression by learning basic steps and rhythm. This class will strengthen motor skills, balance, and coordination through music and props.


An introduction to the beginning foundation of ballet and tap. This class will enhance your child’s coordination, balance, musicality, and flexibility with the teaching of basic ballet positions, tap steps, and terminology. The class is structured as 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap.



Acro is an acrobatics class with a foundation in dance. Students will learn basic mat tumbling, strength training and flexibility.
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We believe dance should be accessible to any child that wants to move! A 60-minute class for dancers with special needs, ages 6yrs+.

Dancers will have the opportunity to explore various genres of dance including ballet, jazz and hip hop.



Danceology Ballet training combines scientific principles with elements of classical French, Italian and Russian syllabus. The goal of the curriculum is to train students to use their bodies correctly by educating them on anatomy, kinetics, coordination and alignment.

Artistically we strive to provide students both a rich knowledge of classical ballet technique and the ability to adapt to all styles of dance. We emphasize an organic approach and that ballet is made for all types of bodies as an accessible art form.



Dancers will focus on strengthening the feet, ankles and core needed to acquire the strength, technique and placement needed for pointe. Dancing in pointe shoes elevates dancing to appear poised, graceful and effortless in movement.



Contemporary dance is a style of interpretive dance that embraces innovation, blending techniques from various genres, including classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, and lyrical dance.



Combines classical ballet and modern dance technique with contemporary influences. A strong emphasis on energy, rhythmical accuracy & style.

This class focuses on the basics of jazz dance which include transitional technique, center control, spotting, turning and leaping.



Hip-hop dance is a unique and exciting style of street dance that is most commonly performed in hip-hop music. It is a vibrant form of dance that combines a variety of freestyle movements to create a cultural piece of art. Through its three main styles of popping, locking, and breaking, hip-hop dance has evolved into one of the most popular and influential styles of dance. This class is upbeat and high-energy!



Tap dance is characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. to create rhythms and music with their feet.



This class is designed to focus on varying elements of turn technique and jump technique which can greatly benefit dancers when incorporated into choreography.


This class is a fusion of traditional technique placement combined with innovative and unique technical elements. Students will explore concepts including correct alignment, innovative leaps, and turns, transitional technique, off-center elements, and groundwork tricks.


Legs and Feet Class work on flexibility and strength. Students will be working to heighten their extensions as well as lengthen their lines through the feet. The class is structured with a stretching warm-up which leads into the various center and across-the-floor exercises.


This class is designed to emphasize body control, strength and flexibility to aide dancers progress. The curriculum for the class follows the Alixa Flexibility Method, a syllabus that was built with consultations from experts in physiotherapy, sports medicine, massage therapy, rehabilitation, kinesiology and neurology. The goal of this class is to progressively increase flexibility and body awareness while educating dancers on how to protect their bodies & avoid injuries.


This class focuses on body placement, core strength, and transitional movement that is combined with technical skills that are used within the choreography. Class begins with a warm-up that includes elements of stretching and strengthening followed by across-the-floor exercises and progressions building upon a dancer’s skill set and style of movement.



Pilates is a form of exercise which concentrates on strengthening the whole body, with an emphasis on core strength. Utilizing the Pilates Reformer, the series of movements are designed to improve strength, flexibility, stability, posture, and body awareness. Pilates takes a balanced approach so that no one muscle group is overworked and the body learns to move efficiently, preventing chronic pain and injury.

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