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Get award-winning dance at an affordable price.


A single class pricing option for any class in your age and level within our YEAR-ROUND training classes.


If you want to try out a few different classes appropriate for your age and level before committing to the same class weekly, CLASS PASSES give you flexibility. You can also purchase CLASS PASSES right from our website easily! You won’t have to come into the studio to sign up, you can just go straight to class! There are a few important things to remember about CLASS PASSES. Classes fill up FAST! So please sign into the class online in advance to save your spot. We only reserve a certain amount of spots for CLASS PASS dancers in each class. CLASS PASSES are at premium in comparison to MONTHLY CONTRACT MEMBERSHIPS. You are paying more per class for the flexibility!

Kindly note that all passes have a three-month expiration period. We encourage you to choose a pass that suits your schedule within this timeframe to ensure maximum utilization.


With an auto-debit MONTHLY CONTRACT MEMBERSHIP, your spot is secured in the class you want indefinitely or until you cancel your contract. And...because auto-debit monthly contracts are year-round, you NEVER have to pay another registration fee, even if you change classes, as long as you don’t cancel your contract. MONTHLY CONTRACT MEMBERSHIPS give you the most bang for your buck! The more classes you register for in your contract, the more you save! As a MONTHLY CONTRACT member, you also get priority to switch to popular classes that normally fill up when it comes time to move to a different class.


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Making friends.

Help your child develop the skills and confidence to achieve their dreams by registering for one of our programs today.