Nicole LuciaOwner/Artistic Director/DPC Director

Nicole Lucia was born and raised in San Diego, California. Trained as a competitive dancer in her youth, Niki set her sights on a career pursuing dance.  She danced three years with the San Diego Charger Girls Dance Team and in her final season was selected by the NFL as a participant in the Pro Bowl. Additionally, she spent a season within the Dallas Cowboy’s organization working with the Dallas Desperado’s Arena Football Team and their Dance Team. In 2002, Niki planted roots back in her childhood neighborhood and opened Danceology with hopes of creating an invigorating and nurturing environment filled with opportunity for young dancers.  In 2008, the studio expanded to a 14,000 square foot performing arts campus where her programs for aspiring artists are cultivated underneath her direction. In 2011, she became Vinyasa Yoga Certified and integrates that insight and point of view into her philosophy as an educator. In 2016, Niki was honored to be featured on the cover of Dance Teacher Magazine’s June issue highlighting her studio and teaching methods. Also in 2016 she secured the position of Varsity Dance Team Coach for Cathedral Catholic High School. For nearly 15 years, Niki has been an effective director and influential mentor in the dance community and continues building her expertise.  Whether teaching or directing, Niki promotes her passion and love for the art form encouraging the creative ambitions of our youth.