Megan McBride Moore Tap Co & Events Program Director

Megan McBride Moore
True to the rhythm, eager to be on time, and dedicated to the dancers that came before her, Megan has a unique blend of styles that makes her a standout in the tap community. Megan has had the opportunity to take the stage with some of the world’s most renowned tap dancers such as Gregg Russell, Jason Janas, Sarah Reich, Michela Marino Lerman, Chance Taylor, Jason Kalish, and more. She was a member of Gregg Russell’s Tap Sounds Underground Company based in Los Angeles, Ca from 2011-2016, has been seen performing with Sarah Reichs “Tap Music Project” and is the Co-Director of the San Diego Tap & Jazz Festival. Megan joined the BravO! National Talent Competition as a judge in 2015 and has also judged and taught for Hollywood Vibe. She is also thrilled to be joining the team at Rose.Rabbit.Lie at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, NV as a guest tap dancer!

As a choreographer Megan excels and is able to bring out the best qualities in her students while pushing their limits in a positive way. Her choreography has won many prestigious competitive awards and her dancers have gone on to pursue professional careers in tap dancing. Besides tap dancing, Megan also has choreographed numerous youth musicals such as Annie, Beauty and the Beast, and Joseph and the Technicolor coat. Some of Megan’s student’s and choreography has been recently seen on So You Think You Can Dance, The Next Generation, one being in the Top 10.

Megan’s objective as an instructor is to dynamically train students in the art of tap dancing to enhance their current endeavors while preparing them for the future.  Megan is the director of one of the most nationally recognized youth tap programs in San Diego, Ca at Danceology Performing Arts Campus, “Danceology Tap Co.”, housing tap dancers ages 5-18yrs from 2008-current.  She travels to San Diego twice a month to work with the Danceology Tap Dancers. Megan has currently relocated to Las Vegas, NV and she is excited to be working with local dance studios and local tap dancers! She is excited to share her passion for teaching with eager tap dancers all over the globe! Megan is able to break barriers with her students and help them to achieve goals as an individual artist.

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