Get the high-quality dance education that sets your child up for success.

Create a strong dance foundation by learning the fundamentals in a fun and friendly environment without the commitment of a competitive program. Dancers can learn a variety of styles from a compassionate faculty who will foster a passion for the arts.

Tots Combo

A 60 minute class split into 30 minutes of ballet and 30 minutes of tap. Tiny tots will be introduced to the basics of ballet and tap. Please bring a dance bag with their change of shoes ready.


Focuses on gymnastics-based acrobatics movements suitable for dance and dance choreography. (Offered in our technique classes and competitive programs)

Adaptive Dance

A 60 minute class for dancers with special needs, ages 6yrs+. Dancers will have the opportunity to explore various genres of dance. As of March 2020, this class is only offered on Zoom.


We offer Ballet classes in the Russian Vagonava method. Ballet is a highly structured class that requires a quiet power and controlled strength. It is formalized steps and gestures set in patterns to create movement. It is the foundation for all dance styles. (Offered in our technique classes and competitive programs)

Boys Class

This is a high energy and fun class for Boys Only Ages 5-10! A mixture of jazz, stretch & strength, ballet, acro & musicality.


Contemporary, similar to lyrical and jazz, is very versatile and can be danced to almost any style of music and paired with other forms of dance to create new types of movement. (Offered in our technique classes and competitive programs)


This class focuses on the basics of jazz dance which include center control, spotting, turning and leaping. (Offered in our technique classes and competitive programs)

Hip Hop

This class allows dancers to engage in formal as well as informal free-styling while teaching a foundation of hip-hop movement and structure. This class is up-beat and high energy! (Offered in our technique classes and competitive programs)


Tap Dancing is a percussive art form in which dancers wear special shoes with metal taps on the bottom to create rhythms and music with their feet. (Offered in our technique classes and competitive programs)

Tech Tricks & Transitions

This class is a fusion of traditional technique placement combined with innovative and unique technical elements. Students will explore concepts including correct alignment, innovative leaps, and turns, transitional technique, off-center elements and groundwork tricks.

Legs & Feet

Legs and Feet Class work on flexibility and strength. Students will be working to heighten their extensions as well as lengthen their lines through the feet. The class is structured with a stretching warm-up which leads into the various center and across the floor exercises.

Turns & Leaps

This class focuses on the fundamental technique of turns and leaps. Students will work on basic turns, turn sequences traveling across the floor as well as various jumps and leaps.

Have your child master the principles of dance while developing critical life skills.

Our dance programs and class techniques help your child learn critical life skills, develop poise and confidence, and strengthen their sense of self. We believe your child should be able to get access to high-quality and well-rounded dance education without needing to dance competitively.