About Us

Established in 2002 under the direction of Nicole Lucia, Danceology is committed to a meaningful and inspiring experience for all students. Programs are uniquely structured to cater to both the dancer interested in pursuing a career in dance as well as the one who dances for recreation.

How your child benefits from Danceology.


Our dedication to dance education is reflected in the quality of programs, professional teachers, and structured curriculum.


Danceology allows students to embrace all genres of dance. We believe in a diversified curriculum that encourages students to expand their knowledge by branching out in different styles. We are proud that we can offer the very best in a well-rounded dance education under one roof.


We are not just teaching dance at Danceology, we understand the importance of mentorship to our students. Our emphasis is on building a nurturing environment where team building is encouraged and interpersonal skills are practiced. It is a safe environment where the dancer can feel secure to reach their highest potential.

Award-winning faculty who uplift and inspire.

Our industry-leading dance instructors provide high-quality and supportive dance education in a number of disciplines to help students reach their full potential.

Give your child the edge they need to succeed.

Help your child develop the skills and confidence to achieve their dreams
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